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The cause of this huge shipwreck has been exposed!It has nothing to do with Chinese shipyards, but the classification society has been questioned

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      Two years after the sinking, a report by the republic of the Marshall islands has revealed that a "catastrophic structural failure" in the hull could have been the cause of the sinking of the VLOC Stellar Daisy.

      On March 31, 2017, the 266,141 deadweight ton VLOC "Stellar Daisy", owned by south Korean shipping company PolarisShipping, sank after splitting in two after an accident in the Atlantic ocean. Of the 24 crew members on board(8 Koreans and 16 Filipinos), only 2 Filipino crew members were rescued and the whereabouts of the remaining 22 were unknown.

      According to data, the "Stellar Daisy" is a bulk carrier converted from VLCC. In 1993, the "Stellar Daisy" was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and was incorporated into the Japan Classification Society(NK). Later, in 2006, it was converted into a mineral sand ship in Zhoushan Zhongyuan Shipping, and began operations in 2008. was incorporated into Class Korean Classification Society(KR), Flag of Marshall Islands.

      Reports published by the republic of the Marshall islands indicate that the structural failure of the hull may have started in the left ballast tank (WBT) of tank 2, and then rapidly developed into other ballast water tanks, dry compartments and cargo compartments.Structural failure is likely to be the result of multiple factors, such as material fatigue, corrosion, unidentified structural defects, multi-port loads, and forces imposed on the hull. As a result, the strength of the ship's structure is damaged over time, leading to the shipwreck.

      In its report, the Republic of Marshall Islands questioned some of the previous practices of the Korea Classification Society, including the failure to consider metal fatigue in the review and approval of retrofit designs; After discovering and repairing a large number of cracks during the repair of the dock in 2011, the Korean Classification Society did not conduct a fault analysis; In addition, the Korean Classification Society lacked communication with the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which is the flag State, and did not promptly notify in 2016 of the damage to the cross-bay wall of the framework No. 65 "Stellar Daisy".

      In February this year, Ocean Infinity, a seabed survey and marine exploration company, began using the vessel Seabed Constructor to conduct deep-sea searches for the sunken waters of the Stellar Daisy. On February 17, the Seabed Constructor found the Stellar Daisy's voyage data recorder, commonly known as the "black box".

      On February 17th OceanInfinity found the wreck of the missing ship at a depth of 3,461 metres, about 1,800 nautical miles west of Cape Town in the south Atlantic.On Feb. 20, the search team found the bones of at least one missing crew member about 1 kilometer from the wreck.At present, "Seabed Constructor" has left the scene of the accident on February 23 to Uruguay.