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A race against time!Shaoxing maritime department late night rescue thousand-ton container heavy load ships

作者:管理员 来源:Zhejiang news client 点击:1571 时间:2019-05-05

          At 12:50 in the morning of April 21, in the waters south of the Doumen River Bridge in the Hangyong Canal of Shaoxing, the ship with the ship number "Zhejiang Xiaoshanji 008" was alarmed due to continuous water intrusion in the front compartment. 

        When the emergency phones rang, shou jinwei, an officer on duty of the shaoxing maritime department, picked up the phones immediately and learned the exact address of the accident and the dangerous situation in detail.Shoujinwei learned that the alarm "zhejiang xiaoshan set 008 ship" from Shanghai port to shaoxing port logistics park,  with a heavy load of 34 containers. Considering that there are many deep ships in the Hangyong Canal, large-tonnage container ships are liable to cause traffic jams and secondary accidents at night,, so shoujinwei immediately called the accident emergency rescue team.

      "We are off to the scene at once.But there are many deep ships in Hangyong Canal. You should turn on the ship warning lights immediately, then drive the ship away from the main channel to grab the beach, and drain the water as soon as possible to prevent the ship from sinking.In this process, strengthen the safety of the ship and ensure the safety of personnel on board!"Accident emergency rescue team received a call, immediately contacted the "zhejiang xiaoshan set 008" crew master liu.Subsequently, maritime personnel and notify songling shipyard rescue team to help rescue.   

        Half an hour later, all the rescue workers arrived at the scene. Rescue personnel found that at this time, the water surface was dark, the faulty ship had stopped at the side of the fairway, and the ship's head cabin had already entered the water.Fortunately, there were no casualties. The crew were using a pumping pump to save themselves. Maritime personnel immediately of Mulling two ways. the first ways conducted traffic dredging for two-way vessels to avoid congestion points and secondary accidents, while personnel of the second ways, together with rescue personnel of songling shipyard, used high-power water pumps to drain water and close loopholes.After an hour of intense rescue, the water inlet of the damaged bow cabin was effectively blocked, and the water inlet speed was obviously slowed down. The rescuers suggested that they wait on the spot until dawn.

        At 6:20 am, under the escort of two high-power water pumps, this big ship slowly headed for its destination. The logistics park of shaoxing port arranged the loading and unloading operation for the fastest time.After unloading the goods, zhejiang xiaoshan 008 directly to songling shipyard, a nearly six hours of emergency rescue is over.

        It is understood that in recent years, the volume of container ship transport in shaoxing jurisdiction has increased exponentially, and the subsequent container ship accidents have increased year by year.In view of this, shaoxing port and shipping department makes efforts to maintain the orderly and safe navigation environment of hangyong canal by increasing the investment in information equipment, strengthening on-site inspection and crew safety education, improving the emergency rescue level of the team, strengthening 24-hour duty and other measures.