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The fourth "sea camel" large cargo ship has been delivered

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      On January 14, 2019, with the siren sounding, the "TOP ELEGANCE" sailed slowly away from the dock. this ship is our company and jiangsu sumeida shipping engineering co., LTD., jointly invested , Zhenjiang shipyard group is responsible for the constructionThe  fourth “sea cameltype 48500DWT heavy lift general cargo carrier has been delivered successfully.At now, the 4 world's first "sea camel" large heavy lift grocery ships built by zhenjiang shipyard group have been delivered successfully.

      “sea camelis aimed at Chinas One Belt And One Roadstrategy, aiming at the high-speed rail transport market, the targeted development of high-tech ships fully embodies the advantages of energy saving, green, environmental protection, intelligence and other advantages, is the most advanced grocery ship in the world today, represents the future development direction.Its first ship was selected by the international shipping network as one of the 10 most distinctive ships built by Chinese shipyards in 2017 due to its advanced technology

     This vessel,which designed by OMT, designs a dolabriform bow, its structure is safely reliable and type of cabin containers is optimized. It can not only transport various bulk cargos, but also target to transport high-speed rails. Some cargo holds have the special capability of loading 12 compartments of high-speed rail at one time. Meanwhile, equipped with the new type main engine with electronic fuel injection system from Wartsila, this vessel installs a hub vortex absorbed fin in the aft. With the new technology and new concept, such as the oil tank pre-heating technology and setting storing tank for cleaning dirty water at port, the vessel has many significant features of energy saving, green, environmental protection, intelligence, etc., which shows the orientation towards to future development  of cargo ships.