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Management Team

In recent years, the group had continuously trained internal personnel, meanwhile, successively introduced advanced professional and managerial talents from the market to enrich medium and high level management, which guaranteed the company’s smooth operation of each department.
At present, the group owned 30 medium and senior management staff, 5 chief engineers and 16 excellent captains included .
Most of them have been occupying in related work for over 15 years, with firm technical skills, good English communicative abilities, rich experience, proficient adaptive skills and considerable maritime practical experience.
The enrichment of those professionals bringing into the management team has satisfied the demands for increasing the group business and expanding the company’s fleet scale.

Future Development

2013 starts as the first year for the first five-year plan. In the first five-year plan we will complete three strategic objectives: the formation of our own fleets, adding two to three mature routes and further expanding overseas markets; in the second five-year plan we will build total of 30-50 vessels, establishing the laddering talents' reservation  and the introduction of venture capital's injection; in the third and fourth five-year plans we will reach the ultimate strategic goal of the diverse business operation.